EGR valve repair and maintenance

Are you in need EGR valve repair?

If you’re looking for EGR valve repair or maintenance then you have come to the right place.

MAP Automotive are the company you are looking for and need!

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled in EGR repair and maintenance.

We have invested in training in this area to enable us to be able to come out and correctly diagnose your fault.

As we are trained in this area we are best placed to be able to recommend the correct cause of action to rectify your fault.

As with any professional company we always insist on us diagnosing your fault.

This isn’t just retrieving a fault code from the cars ECU but identifying the exact cause of your problem.

This could be a whole number of things from a faulty sensor to AN ECU fault.

A blocked valve to a broken diaphragm loose wire to a failed position sensor.

Obviously we don’t expect you to have any idea on what we have just said after all that’s our job.

Why do I need an EGR repair.

Normally your first indication as a driver is that the Engine management light has illuminated on your dash.

You may also be suffering from other issues that have highlighted the problem.

Maybe you have been loosing power under acceleration!

Possibly intermittent stalling at low speeds or rough idle!

Excessive smoke from you exhaust pipe!

Fuel odour around the car and whilst driving!

Or maybe your car has failed it emissions test!

What ever the symptom be safe in the knowledge that MAP Automotive will get you back on the road in the most cost effective way possible!!

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